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The following outline is a sampling of services that MT STUART & COMPANY provides. We pride ourselves in being proactive in our suggestions and recommendations not only at the time of renewal but during the course of the year as well. In addition, we invite constructive criticism as a means of measuring our performance and assessing the "value added" that we bring to each every client. We believe that this outline should serve as a guideline to determine reasonable expectations from your broker relationship.

As your broker, you should expect that we will:

  • Act liaison between you and the carriers or TPA's as appropriate.

  • Prepare and negotiate renewals by periodically marketing the plans to carriers and TPA's including the preparation of specifications and analysis of proposals.

  • Assist in the plan design and redesign including pricing.

  • Review all pertinent contracts and documents upon engagement with periodic review thereafter.

  • Analyze claims information from the carriers on a routine basis as agreed upon, including the weighing of different criteria such as capitation, institutional and provider contracts, etc.

  • Interpret and make recommendations regarding existing and new or revised legislation pertaining, not only to health and welfare issues but other Human Resource issues as well. As an example, we recently reconfigured our clients entire COBRA documentation to reflect many recent changes in the law.

  • Assist in plan communication from both a written and graphic standpoint. For example, we have completed many Employee Benefit Summaries working in conjunction with our client's Human Resource Department.

  • Offer direct assistance to employees who experience difficulties utilizing the plans or understanding the benefits. This assistance is offered in both English and Spanish.

  • Assist in form design.

  • Offer assistance in non-discrimination testing when appropriate.

  • Offer assistance in compiling data upon request for various reasons.

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