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MT Stuart & Company is a multi-dimensional financial services company with a combined level of experience exceeding 100 years. The professionals at MT Stuart & Company manage the benefits of over 175 employer accounts.
To set us apart from the competition, MT Stuart & Company was founded on the basis of full service to create more time for companies and their employees by minimizing the time and effort required to make important decisions. This is accomplished by offering a full array of financial products and employee benefit services under one roof that are tailored to the small to medium sized company.
From Group Insurance and Estate Planning, and Voluntary Benefit Plans to Section 125 Cafeteria Plans, we accommodate the employee benefit needs of employer groups ranging in size from two (2) to one thousand (1,000) or more employees.
In addition to managing the employee benefit needs of our clients as our core business, we have assembled a network of affiliated professionals that specialize in all aspects of successfully managing a business. It is required that all of the services provided through our network be available on a value added basis. Services are either free or discounted without compromise to quality.
To constantly assess the quality and the outcome of the services provided, MT Stuart & Company strongly encourages feedback from employers as a means to improve our products and services. Through our direct efforts and outsourced alliances, the company's services include all the tools to make business run more efficiently.
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